January 19: Student Support Day

GPA Parents and Students,

Friday, Jan. 19th is Student Support Day, which means students will not come to campus unless they have a specific appointment with their teacher.

This at-home day is built into the school year calendar to provide students with time to work in person or remotely with staff via Zoom for one-on-one tutoring, small group instruction and work completion/make-up, including any missed quarter finals.

Steps to take before Student Support Day:

  • Review PowerSchool with your child and determine how your child will best benefit from our Student Support Day.
  • If your child is receiving a D or F in any of their classes, remind your student that they must work with their teachers in person or remotely via Zoom to get the additional support needed.
  • Be sure your student’s GPA Chromebook is charged and internet access is secure.
  • If your child is receiving a D or F in any of their classes and you have not heard from the teacher, reach out to the teacher(s) to schedule their Student Support time.

If your child is not required to meet with a teacher, we encourage them to rest, celebrate their success in the first semester, focus on their mental health, read a good book and prepare for the second semester.

GPA is dedicated to providing this resource of additional time so that students have every possible opportunity to succeed. Thank you for all that you do at home to partner with us here at school. Together, we are able to do great things for our students during a very challenging time.

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