Family Services

Gompers Preparatory Academy Family Services is designed to assist and support GPA parents in their roles as caregivers as well as assist and support students in their social-emotional development and academic achievement.

GPA Family Services partners with local community-based organizations. Through our partnerships, we provide overarching prevention and intervention programming, as well as individual and group targeted parent and student support through our referral process.

Our Partners

UPAC, Union of Pan Asian Communities
SAY San Diego
Care Community Center
Vista Hill

Our Services

  • Individual / Family / Group Counseling
    Assistance to help students and families find direction with personal or psychological matters. Counseling is provided by a mental health therapist.
  • Mediation
    An intervention performed by GPA staff to resolve student conflicts by working with both sides of a dispute in an attempt to help them reach an agreement.
  • Case Management
    Facilitating students’ access to school and community based support programs, and coordination of service delivery. The Case Manager works as a liaison to various professionals and agencies, and advocates on behalf of the student and the family. The student is a partner in his/her self-management.
  • Insight Class
    A drug and alcohol intervention class for students with alcohol/drug related suspensions, or those suspected of being involved with alcohol or other drugs.
  • Brief Intervention
    An evidence-based practice combining motivational interviews, stages of change, and cognitive behavioral theory, to help students identify, assess, and understand their own patterns of abuse.
  • Anger Management
    For students who have risk factors on any of the four ecological levels – personal, family, social and societal.
  • YAP Away!
    Counseling/support group. Topics include but are not limited to: self esteem confidence, communication, relationships, problem solving, and self-image.
  • Wise Lives
    A curriculum that focuses on the words and life stories of great positive role models to teach students valuable lessons about the decisions they make everyday.
  • I’m Peer Proof
    6-week curriculum to help children build self confidence in their peer relationships.


To request services, please contact your child’s grade level counselor or Family Services at

GPA staff may access the Family Service Referral Form via their GPA email accounts to refer students for services.

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