On January 12, 2021, the Board of Education and Superintendent Marten took action to approve our founders’ on-loan agreements. A motion by Trustee Whitehurst-Payne, seconded by Trustee Beiser, was approved 5-0 for the issuance of on-loan agreements for the 4 personnel at GPA (Riveroll, Maples, Garcia-Ramirez and Franceschi) for as long as these employees choose to remain at GPA. Thank you GPA parents, community members, alumni, staff and students for your hard work and heart work to save our founders. You did it!

On 1/12/21, GPA parents, staff and community hold a car rally in support of GPA’s On-Loan Founders.

The letter from GPA Chairman Cecil H. Steppe is available below in both English and Spanish.

Our GPA Founders respond to questions regarding their on loan status. The PDF is available below in both English and Spanish.

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