How-To for GPA Staff

Zoom, Google Classroom, Google Meets

App Basics

Welcome, GPA Staff! Below are some helpful, easy-to-follow tutorials crafted by a few of our very own knowledgeable GPA staff members! Simply click on the app logos on the left to access each video tutorial.

Google Classroom & Google Sites

Mr. Bentz guides you through all the basics of Google Classroom, and also shows you how to get started with building your very own Google Site! After watching this tutorial, click here to access GPA’s Google Sites template so that you can duplicate it to create your own.

Explain Everything

Mr. Murray shows you all the need-to-know’s when using the online interactive whiteboard app, Explain Everything.


The virtual meeting app Zoom can seem overwhelming at first.. but Mr. Zapata breaks down all the basics for you in easy, simple steps!

Google Meet

Mr. Zapata demonstrates how easy it is to navigate through Google Meet! Become a pro at it after watching this helpful tutorial.

Google Slides

Watch as Mr. Zapata guides you through all the fundamentals of Google Slides and how you can become a master at it.


HyperDocs is a powerful tool in enhancing your lesson planning, especially when you have Mr. Suarez to easily guide you through it! After watching the tutorial, click here to view his HyperDocs slides as a sample.

Other Helpful Tips & Resources

7 Ways to Grade Faster in Google Classroom

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