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When there is a threat of violence, or a dangerous person/situation at or near campus, it may be necessary to lock down. During a lockdown all windows and doors are locked, all students and staff remain in their classrooms, no one is permitted to enter or leave the school until advised by local authorities.


Shelter-in-place procedures are similar to lockdown, except that this is usually due to an environmental hazard or severe weather emergency. Shelter-in-place may require taping of windows, doors, vents, etc. and no one should be entering or leaving campus unless it is safe to do so.


All students and staff exit buildings and classrooms in a timely and orderly manner. Students/Staff relocate to the “Assembly Area” which may be an alternate location on/off campus that is determined to be safe. Every single student and staff member are accounted for. Once it has been determined to be safe, students/staff will return to classes continue instruction.

*Please note that parents and guests who are on campus at the time of an emergency will be asked to follow the same procedures as above.


If there is a traumatic event –>emergency situation after which it is decided that no more instruction will occur that day —> that results in unexpected shortening of the school day , a formal parent-student reunification process will be initiated. The school will make a call to the parent asking that they come pick up their child. Two areas will be set up: one for the parent to request their child, the other for them to pick up their child. GPA staff will identify the student, get him/her from their classroom, and release them to the parent. For the purpose of student safety, parent identification is required to pick up your child.

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