Office of Student Conduct

The Office of Student Conduct provides leadership and support for the student conduct process through coordinating, training, and advising. The Office of Student Conduct receives and processes student conduct complaints while offering consulting and advising to staff and parents regarding potential (and/or actual) student conduct cases and incidents.

We adhere to GPA Student Handbook and work to administer a thorough, transparent, and fair student conduct process that encourages participation by the campus community while holding students accountable for their actions.

The Office of Student Conduct meets with students to resolve student conduct incidents. The Office of Student Conduct is available to answer questions about the student conduct process.

The Office of Student Conduct utilizes a multi-tiered system of supports, which includes restorative justice practices, trauma-informed practices, social and emotional learning, and school-wide positive behavior interventions and support to help our students gain critical social and emotional skills and receive support to help transform trauma-related responses, understand the impact of their actions, and develop meaningful methods for repairing any harm done to others or the school community.

Contact Information

Office of Student Conduct
(619) 263-2171, ext. 3030

Lisa Maples
Assistant Director / Office of Student Affairs

Cheryl McCree-Cooley
Office of Student Conduct Coordinator

Lupe Ramirez
Office Assistant

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