Special Education

Special Education Department

Based on a student’s individual needs, they are placed in one or more of our service models listed below.

Co-Teach Model

For students who are fully included or have needs that can be met in the GE classroom, we are using the co-teach model to provide services. Students grouped into cohorts and in those math and English classes there is both a general education and special education teacher or support teacher.


For middle school students who have more intense learning needs in the areas of math and English, they are provided a Special Day Class setting to meet their needs. These students are then fully included in the general education classes for the duration of their day with the support of a co-teacher.

Full Inclusion/Community Based Instruction (CBI)

For both middle school and high school students who have more severe learning needs, we provide flexible programming both on campus and in the community to meet their specific learning needs. These students are included in general education classes with the support of their teacher or support teacher. They complete their academic instruction in ELA and math in their self contained classroom and the remainder of their day is spent focusing on Community Based Instruction.

Learning Centers

In our middle school we have a Learning Center elective which focuses on remedial math, ELA and/or other individual needs of our students. In the Learning Centers, the main goals are the continued development of reading, math and study skills in our special education students.

DIS Services

Designated services are available when necessary for the student to benefit educationally from his/her educational program. Program services may be provided individually or in small groups in a specialized area of educational need throughout the continuum of educational settings. Students may receive DIS services only, or DIS in addition to one of the other placement options based on needs. These services, are provided by appropriately trained professionals.

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