Director’s Letter

Director's Headshot 2016Founded in 2009, Gompers Preparatory Academy (GPA) in partnership with UCSD offers a rigorous high school college preparatory program of instruction designed to prepare students for college. Our academic program includes honors and advanced placement courses in history, math, science, and English. Students are taught to think critically and to develop analytical skills that will prepare them for life beyond high school.

A key component of academic success for students is the professional relationship they have with their teacher. Gompers Preparatory Academy teachers are professionally prepared to meet the academic and social needs of each student. Our staff is hired after a rigorous application process that consists of parents, staff, and student panelist. As a charter school, we have the ability and flexibility to hire the staff that will best meet the needs of our students. Curriculum, instruction, extra-curricular events, and activities are carefully planned to create a partnership between home and school. Each week students attend a “college class” that focuses on REACH values.

Gompers Preparatory is committed to preparing high school students for the next stage of life, the move from home into the university, community, and the working world. We are excited to start our high school this year with grades 9 and 10. The road ahead is exciting as our students begin to pursue their dreams of obtaining a high school education and beyond. Eagle Pride is alive and well at Gompers Preparatory Academy.

Founded in 2005 Gompers Charter Middle School (GCMS), in partnership with UCSD and our community set out to begin a college preparatory middle school in our neighborhood. Supporting, challenging, and loving the adolescent during the interval between elementary school and high school is significant in the development of each student at GCMS. Students are encouraged in their academic life to show REACH values. Through our curriculum, daily interaction with teachers, and college classes, students find emotional shelter as well as a place of intellectual challenge. Each spring, eighth grade students take part in an adventure of a lifetime: the Historical Studies Tour, during which they explore Washington D.C. and other sights on the east coast. The middle school years are filled with energy, transition, and excitement. GPA wants to make the most of this dynamic and formative window of time. Our school strives to balance the middle school years by focusing on four essential elements: REACH values, a community of friends, positive teacher relationships, and a place of learning.

I am pleased to report to you that GPA is succeeding in its mission of providing a high quality education to each child that will prepare our students for college. How are we doing it? The answer is simple; the PEOPLE. At GPA we have high quality teachers and staff that care about our students’ success. Teachers will do whatever it takes to ensure that our children are learning and to personalize your child’s learning experience. Teachers believe what parents believe about their children; each one is capable of learning at the highest levels and college should be a reality in their lives. Secondly, our parents and community are involved. With 8,000+ volunteer hours for our students, parents in our community send the message to our kids that we will work together and stop at nothing short of their ability to access a college education. As we continue to grow a learning community that becomes known for sending its students to colleges and universities, we sincerely hope that you will take part in making the dream for our children come to life! Because our children can!

With Students First,

Director's Signature (2016) small
Vincent M. Riveroll


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