4 Observable Components of GPA Zoom Classes

There are four main components to Quarter 3 Distance Learning instruction that parents and students can expect to see in all Zoom classes.

  1. The Grandparent Method – Students and parents should expect to hear supportive talk from teachers to students that consist of positive praise and recognition for each of their efforts during Distance Learning. Lots of positive reinforcements.
  2. Mini-Lessons – Students and parents should expect to see lessons being delivered with a focus on one specific strategy, skill, or standard that should last approximately 5-10 minutes followed by ample time for students to ask questions and begin the assignment with teacher assistance.
  3. Zoom Culture – Students and parents should expect to see teachers with good Zoom management and high standards for each student to demonstrate Zoom culture, which includes: cameras on, on-time to class, good attendance daily, proper name on screen, uniform tops worn with pride, and good overall visual and professional presence on Zoom.
  4. Office Hours – Students and parents should expect to see teachers holding office hours in the morning and in the afternoon daily. Additionally, students and parents should expect teachers to meet with students and/or parents on Student Support Wednesdays.

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