Author Dave Burgess Brightens GPA’s Monday Morning!

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GPA’s staff was ecstatic for Dave Burgess’s visit– enough to come in on a Monday morning fully dressed in costume to offer a warm welcome to our guest. We would like to give a huge thanks to Dave Burgess, author of the powerful book Teach Like A Pirate, for sharing his inspirational message with our entire staff early Monday morning! His dynamic presentation was a gift to return to after spring break and gave our GPA family the chance to hear the book we’ve been studying come to life; enabling us all to reignite our passion and take our work to the next level. Not only do we want our staff to be able to “teach like pirates,” we are also excited to infuse the same values in our students, so they can “learn like pirates!”

Once again, thank you Dave Burgess for spending time with us! You are welcome anytime.


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