2013 National Chess Day Tournament

To celebrate National Chess Day, Gompers Preparatory Academy was hosted by KLA Chess Club this past Saturday, Oct 12. About 40 students from KLA and GPA played nearly 100 chess games in three different divisions. The students’ ranged from primary grade levels (from KLA) through High School (Gompers) in which was a great day of celebrating the game of chess.
Notable results from GPA students include:

Novice Division:

  • Santos Rios – 1st Place (7th grade)
  • Jose Martinez Corpus – 2nd Place (7th grade)
  • Francisco Ramirez – 3rd Place (7th grade)

Intermediate Division:

  • Mario Martinez – 1st Place (8th grade)
  • Raymond Cisneros – 2nd Place (8th grade)
  • Axel Marquez – 3rd Place (7th grade)

Open Division:

  • Mario Laura – 2nd Place (10th grade)
  • Neftali Bojorquez Cardenas – 3rd Place (7th grade)
  • Daniel Sison – 4th Place (9th grade)

Congratulations to all students who played this weekend.

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