Parents Honored at Gala for Volunteer Hours

2015-2016 PTSC hosted a Gala to honor parent volunteers. There are two keys to educational success, hard work and parent involvement. Thank you PTSC for an amazing year.  Your support with various events made all the difference at GPA. Thank you President Ventura, VP Amparo Rodruiguez, and Middle School Rep Edith Mendoza.

No School on Memorial Day

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Attention parents and GPA Eagles!!

In honor of Memorial Day, there will be no school on Monday, May 30.

School resumes on Tuesday, May 31.

Have a safe and enjoyable three day weekend!!

Prom Season is Here!!

GPA would like to give a huge thank you to John Jacques, owner of The Gentlemen’s Tux Club, for dressing up our senior boys in the finest tuxedos from this year’s Homecoming! The boys came out looking sharp, clean cut, and ready for a ball.

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Our next formal event is just around the corner– The Roaring Twenties: Prom 2016!

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Make sure you’re on point and be sure to stop by The Gentlemen’s Tux Club to rent your own tuxedo!

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After – Prom Prom 2016

After Prom Prom Banner-01

Dear Senior Families,

In response to the overwhelming request of your students, the staff at Gompers Preparatory Academy is proud to offer the class of 2016 the first ever after prom event, “The After – Prom  Prom”. This event will be held at Gompers Preparatory Academy, on Saturday, May 14th to the morning of Sunday, May 15th  from 1:00am – 5:30am, directly following the Senior Prom.

IMPORTANT: This event is for GPA seniors ONLY, no other GPA students or guests will be admitted to this event.

The After-Prom event will offer a variety of activities for and areas designed to keep your students safe and entertained including; gender separated rest areas, movies, dance floor and karaoke, board games and video games. In addition, food and drink will be provided.

IMPORTANT: GPA Seniors will NOT be admitted to the “After Prom-Prom: after 1:30am and no student will be dismissed before 5:30am without parent permission.

Please read the Event Contract and sign and return the Permission Slip no later than Thursday, May 12th. Please direct any questions about this event to Assistant Director Bartholomew (619) 263-2171.  

With Students First,
Vincent M. Riveroll

Estimadas familias,

En respuesta a la petición abrumadora de sus alumnos, el personal de Gompers Preparatory Academy se enorgullece de ofrecerle a la clase del 2016 el primer evento “The After – Prom  Prom”.  El evento empezará el domingo a las 1:30 de la madrugada despues del baile y se terminará a las 5:30 de la mañana.

IMPORTANTE: Este evento es SOLAMENTE para los alumnos el 12o grado. No se le dará admisión a cualquier otro alumno de GPA o invitado.

Este evento ofrecerá una variedad de  actividades y áreas diseñadas para mantener las seguridad de su hijo/a después del baile. Las actividades incluidas serán áreas de descanso (separadas por género), peliculas, pista de baile, karaoke, juegos de mesa, y juegos de video. También se les proveerá comida y bebidas.

IMPORTANTE: A ningun alumno se le permitirá admisión al evento después de las 1:30 am  y ningún alumno será despedido antes de las 5:30 am sin permiso de su padre/tutor.

Favor de leer el contrato,  firmar y regresar el permiso antes del jueves 12 de mayo. Si tiene cualquier pregunta favor de contactarse con el Subdirector Bartholomew a (619) 263-2171.  

Con los estudiantes primero,
Vincent M. Riveroll

Congrats to our “A Bridge for Kids” Scholars!


26704220182_d3ebbd9c8e_k cropIsabel Garcia

Isabel Garcia is a senior student-athlete at GPA who will be attending the Sixth College at UCSD in the fall. In her spare time she likes to volunteer at Horton elementary to work with the children on artwork and self-esteem boosting activities. She also spends a lot of her time drawing and creating pieces of art as well as boxing. She will be studying Studio Art next year; she hopes to become a successful comic artist and art teacher at Gompers Preparatory Academy one day.


26818032255_92bfcc7c0c_k cropRoberto Mata

Roberto Mata is a senior at GPA and he will be attending UCSD as a Chancellor’s  Associates Scholar in the fall, majoring in Economics. He is very passionate about math and lacrosse, and he wants to pursue those passions in his future.




26212721254_97ccd80b4d_k crop

Tania Quintero

Tania Quintero is currently a senior at Gompers Preparatory Academy and has been accepted to UC San Diego as a Chancellor’s Associates Scholar. At UCSD, Tania plans on majoring in Psychology. She has established an academic program at her church for students ages 3-5 that helps them to prepare for their first year at school. Tania wants to continue impacting the future of children at an early age because these are the most significant years of a child’s life.


26704204282_df9bd98fe6_k crop

Brayan Flores

Brayan Flores is a senior student-athlete at Gompers Preparatory Academy.  In his time at GPA, he participated in varsity soccer and varsity cross country.  In his spare time, he likes to read, play soccer, and go out for a run.  He will be attending San Diego State University in the fall, and is hoping to major in Business and would like to become an accountant.


26212720724_5c372e4e57_k crop

John Stewart

John Stewart is a the newly elected Key Club President for the 2016-2017 term, a student-athlete, and a leader in the Class of 2017. In his free time he works with Key Club and STAR/Pal to give back to his community. He hopes to attend UCSD, where he plans on majoring in Political Science with an emphasis on Public Law.



26773149586_b0dccb78e2_k cropSandra Solis

Sandra Solis is a Junior at GPA and will be graduating next year with the Class of 2017!  In her spare time Sandra likes to play soccer and spend time with her family and friends. Her senior goal is to graduate with all As. She would like to attend Stanford in the fall of 2017.



26194016583_347605e2ae_k crop

Marelyn Marentes

Marelyn Marentes is a sophomore at GPA and a student-athlete who will be graduating in 2018.  Marelyn enjoys volunteering at her church and is looking forward to attending UC Santa Barbara after high school. She is planning on earning her teaching credential and returning to San Diego as a teacher to help better her community.


26194018173_8c0da66844_k crop

Angel Hernandez

Angel Hernandez is a student-athlete and Key Club Vice President for the 2016-2017 school year. He is very committed and responsible. He is always willing to help others and is determined to succeed in life. He is a hard worker and wants to go to Harvard University after graduating high school in 2019.



26213616343_ce8e9519d3_k crop

Perla Gil

Perla Gil is a member of the Class of 2019 and aspires to become a strong leader at GPA.  She is currently working to attend Stanford this summer with other high school students interested in leadership and politics.  She would like to attend Princeton University in the fall of 2019 and is planning on studying Politics and pursuing a career in law after graduating.