Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are rigorous, college-level classes that provide students with an opportunity to gain skills and experience at a higher level and to even earn college credit.

AP Course
English Language (Syllabus)
Willis, Michelle
English Literature (Syllabus)
Kelly, Rory
European History (Syllabus)
Martinez, Kelly
US History (Syllabus)
Gill, Puneet
US Government & Politics (Syllabus)
Sturgeon, Ryan
Biology (Syllabus)
Ullyott, Jessica
Lim, Brenan
Calculus AB (Syllabus)
Ballantyne, Braden
Chemistry (Syllabus)
Dr. Chiscano, Kristie
Physics (Syllabus)
Chaffee, Meryl
Spanish Language & Culture (Syllabus)
Avila, Christina
Beck, Catherine
Spanish Literature & Culture (Syllabus)
Mendoza, Jose

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