Welcome to the GPA Mathematics Department! With the belief that all students can succeed in mathematics if taught to adopt a growth mindset and a love for the subject, GPA supports every student in completing an A through G approved math course sequence.  Believing that so many students can and will do much more, we offer an accelerated pathway to Calculus and beyond, with pioneer students paving the way to college math and other STEM studies.

Grade Levels
Math 6 (Syllabus)
Accelerated Math 6 (Syllabus)
Math 7 (Syllabus)
Math 8 (Syllabus)
Integrated Math I (Syllabus)
Integrated Math I (Syllabus)
Integrated Math I (Syllabus)
Integrated Math II (Syllabus)
Integrated Math II (Syllabus)
Integrated Math III (Syllabus)
Precalculus (Syllabus)
AP Calculus AB (Syllabus)
Special Day Class: Middle School
(Syllabus: 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade)
Special Day Class: Middle School (Syllabus)

Math Placement Policy

As a college preparatory academy, GPA requires every one of its students to complete college prep coursework.  At a minimum, every GPA student is required to complete the A through G coursework required for eligibility for the University of California system.

In addition to the minimum A-G requirements, GPA also ensures that its students reach the highest level of high school mathematics possible by senior year. The GPA math placement policy is designed with that purpose, so as to maximize the number of students accelerated to Calculus AB and beyond by graduation.

Under the current Common Core Integrated Math sequence, students normally take math courses according to the following sequence:

Math 6 → Math 7 → Math 8 → Integrated Math I → Integrated Math II → Integrated Math III → Pre-Calculus

Especially for students seeking to enter STEM studies at the university level, it is important that the 6th-12th grade curriculum provide opportunities for students to reach advanced levels of math and science studies. The following flowchart demonstrates how Gompers Preparatory Academy creates potential pathways for students to accelerate to Calculus AB and Calculus BC by the end of senior year.

A combination of the following criteria determines eligibility for placement in Accelerated Math 6 and Accelerated Math 7:

  • NWEA MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) math score
  • SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) math score
  • Grades from previous math courses
  • Performance in online math programs including, but not limited to Khan Academy, Shmoop, Learning Upgrade, and Accelerated Math.

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