Literacy is the key! Learn to become strong readers, powerful writers, effective speakers, active listeners and critical thinkers.


The art of science is asking the right questions which become the source of all knowledge.


¡Hola! Become multilingual and open your world up to more opportunities!

Exercise and Nutritional Science

Have you found your passion for fitness? Let our ENS team help you find your path to a healthier lifestyle.

Special Education

Specially designed instruction, support, and services for students with an identified disability requiring an individually designed instructional program to meet their unique learning needs.


Anyone can succeed in math... if they have the right mindset!


When we look back and learn, we move forward with a clear vision and the chance to do things differently. History is our ongoing story.

Visual & Performing Arts

Whether you like drama, music, theater or art, we have you covered at GPA. We believe in nurturing your creativity and knowledge through the arts.


Got technology, servant leadership or photography? Take advantage of our various electives to dive deeper into your interests, gain experience and give back to GPA.

English as a Second Language

Language is power! Learning English means adding essential tools to your toolbox. Being a multilingual learner is a gift and an asset.

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