Parents Learn about the Road Map to College at Coffee with the Director

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Today, dozens of parents attended Coffee with the Director and learned from Gompers Prep counselors about the “Road Map to College” and how they can best support their children in getting accepted to college and making the big transition to attending a university after high school.

Parents were introduced to the A-G classes that all students must complete to graduate from Gompers Prep and how these rigorous classes prepare them for admission and success in community college and/or CSU, UC, and other 4-year universities.

Parents were enthusiastic to learn and share tips for success in each grade level at GPA (6-12) to ensure ALL students stay focused on the College Dream.  Parents were especially touched by listening to a parent of a Gompers Prep alumnus who is currently attending CSU Northridge, and her advice on how to adjust to “letting go” when students transition to college, especially when they need to move away from home.  The next Coffee with the Director will be held on Friday, November 1st, 2013.

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